Secure Your Spot at iNTER Performing Arts Academy

If you’re eager to secure a spot on our August 2024 programmes, our Open Audition Day could be your time to shine.

OurOpen Audition Days warmly welcome performers of all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced, aged 4 through to 18 years old. Simply complete our Online Enquiry Form, and we’ll promptly provide you with our Prospectus & Information Pack, along with all the details regarding our upcoming Open Audition Day.

Curious about the difference between an Open Audition Day and a Private Audition?

Open Audition Day: During our Open Audition Day, participants dive into a collaborative workshop environment. Depending on their age and skill level, they have the option to be assessed within the workshop, eliminating the need to prepare an audition piece for the panel. However, those aspiring to secure a place in our highly sought-after intermediate or advanced programmes should consider presenting a short (around 1-minute long) song, drama piece, or dance to the panel, alongside participating in the Open Audition Day workshops.

Open Audition Days also provide young talent with a peek into the iNTER Performing Arts workshop experience, where they can collaborate with our current tutors and students from the academy if they wish.
Private Audition: A Private Audition offers an individual platform for showcasing audition pieces, and there is no timescale on the length of the pieces, although we advise no longer than three minutes per piece.

Applicants have the opportunity to present their prepared pieces to the panel and engage in a discussion about their aspirations at iNTER and the learning journey they hope for. Auditionees also receive constructive feedback on their audition pieces, potentially setting the stage for their journey ahead.