We’re a Charity too!

Since our inception, it’s been vitally important to us to do things the right way, to put people before profit and create a sustainable organisation that can continue to support the needs of talented young people for years to come. We’re committed to doing business the right way, looking after our students and creating a safe and welcoming space where talent can thrive. Sometimes we forget to tell people that as well as being a world-class academy for performing arts, we are also a charity!

iNTER Performing Arts and UK Theatre School SCIO (charity number SCO48515) are synonymous entities – one and the same. We take immense pride in being a charitable organisation that not only nurtures artistic excellence but also prioritises working with children and young people, with an added focus on being open to those from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds. Our core values revolve around transparency, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity, aiming for all talented children and young people to have the opportunity to thrive regardless of their circumstances.

In addition to providing charitable scholarships and bursaries, it has always been important to us to be sustainable – looking to the future in all that we do. This ethos has never been more important, and we remain committed to making changes both big and small to ensure that our business is future-proofed and gives as much back to our planet as we take. Our environmental impact audit ensures that our operations are as low impact as possible, and we are always interested in new initiatives that lower our carbon footprint on the planet.