Our Charitable Contributions

At iNTER, giving back is ingrained in our ethos. As a registered charity – UK Theatre School SCIO, Charity Number SC048515, we are dedicated to providing performing arts training and opportunities to all young talented individuals. Through our charity, we offer scholarships and bursaries to our own students, ensuring that children and young people with remarkable abilities have access to high-quality performing arts education regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our commitment to charity extends beyond our own organisation. Over the years, we have collaborated with numerous major charities, providing entertainment for their annual balls and fundraisers. These collaborations not only offer vital support to other worthy causes but also give our students additional chances to showcase their talents on larger platforms.

Year after year, we are honoured to be invited back to these events, a testament to the exceptional calibre of our students and the impact of our charitable work. At iNTER, our charitable contributions are among the most meaningful and rewarding aspects of what we do.

If you would like to support our mission and make a massive difference through the power of performing arts, please click here to donate. Even the smallest amount can have an epic impact on the lives of young, talented individuals.