Prepare to Perform

Throughout the year, our students actively participate in showcases with their programme groups and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in our full-scale summer and winter productions.

Programme Showcase Auditions

Casting for programme showcases typically occurs during term time and is determined by the tutor or the guest director involved. Details regarding auditions for these showcases are provided in advance.

Full-scale Production Auditions

Casting for our full-scale productions occurs in early September for winter productions and in early March for summer productions. The final cast lists are curated by the guest director and creative team overseeing each production. Advanced details regarding full-scale productions and auditions for lead roles are communicated to the entire academy.

Celebrating our iNTER Talent

In every production we undertake, our stages brim with extraordinary young talent honing their craft in the arts and preparing for the next stage in their performing arts journey. We never enlist professional actors for roles within our productions because our students undergo exceptional training with phenomenal teaching staff, and introducing professional performers would only divert attention from our remarkable young talented students. Our showcases and productions consistently spotlight the skills of iNTER Performing Arts students. Our students shine brilliantly on stage, requiring no additional support to showcase their brilliance.

Theatre Productions

Our Programme showcases and full-scale productions come to life in esteemed venues throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas. We most often use the performance spaces and theatres within The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.


While we’re truly grateful to be an award-winning academy and for the recognition our productions have received, with some reviews and feedback likening them to or even surpassing West End shows, we approach such accolades with humility. We understand that sustaining this level of excellence requires ongoing innovation, dedication and effort, which, as creatives, our amazing staff and students continually aim to do!