The Home of iNTER Performing Arts Academy in Glasgow

Did you know that the tremendous Grade B listed building housing iNTER Performing Arts has been standing for almost 170 years? Designed by the visionary Glasgow architect Jonathan Anderson Bell in 1858, it’s a testament to enduring style and creativity. Bell, although a practising architect, was truly an artist at heart. His time in Rome ignited a passion for watercolour and a love for vibrant hues that permeated his work.

It’s almost serendipitous that within these historic walls, we’re graced with the mesmerising Jim Lambie Zobop floor installation. Bursting with colour and vibrancy, it’s a perfect complement to Bell’s artistic spirit. We can’t help but imagine his excitement at seeing such a bold and dynamic feature in his creation. It’s no wonder that our academy has garnered so much attention, even finding its way into the pages of Homes & Interiors Scotland magazine in 2018.

Jonathan Anderson Bell’s legacy in Glasgow is unmistakable. While his architectural prowess is evident in numerous landmarks across the city, it’s the Scots-Baronial Victoria Buildings at 4 West Regent Street that truly stands as a testament to his vision. iNTER Performing Arts has proudly called this space home since 2006; we honour his legacy by infusing it with the same spirit of creativity and excitement that he brought to his work. Welcome to a space where history meets innovation and where the coolness of the past blends seamlessly with the excitement of the present.

Welcome to iNTER.